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Fine Digital Photography For NonProfits and NGOs
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I use only Nikon cameras and lenses and  can provide your organization's  images in digital format on the media of your choice (CD-ROM or DVD).  If you like, I will also help you set up a web site or set of web pages so you can use the images to help get  your message out.  I could also be convinced to provide prints of your images in pretty much any size you want (subject to image resolution limitations) or in book format.  I do not charge for my services but it's nice to recover any expenses involved with shooting (hint).
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Kid Sports, School Events
Meetings, plays, other events
Parties -- birthdays, deathdays, housewarmings,  stuff like that
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I have worked with many local nonprofits including:
hfh rtp cc jackson hcf parks and rec rt brain stages rtwc