Welcome to my "portfolio", AKA Giant Exhibit of my images.  I got really tired of Zenfolio and flickr and whatever all the rest of those photo sharing places are so I simply built my own.  I have things arranged in pretty broad categories so far - but that may change.
Here's what I have so far:

    * 2021, containing images from . . .
    * Abandoned things - buildings, ships, cars, . . .
    * Birds, with subfolders called Large Birds, Mid-sized Birds, and Small Birds
      Then, there’s sub-sub folders with specific birds in each group.
    * Flowers+Plants, Since I don't know anything about plant ID, I'll just use colors mostly
    * Me, hard at work as a photographer
    * Industrial photos
    * Infrared - images shot with cameras that "see" light that we cannot.
    * Odds-and-Ends -
    * Oregon - with sub-folders for Covered Bridges, places, other stuff
    * Portraits, Senior and others
    * Sunrise-Sunsets
    * Waterfalls

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