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I have been chasing waterfalls for many years. The sound, the power, the visual impact combine for an ingredible experience. I used more than one image for some of the falls in order to show the dramatic changes they can go through in a season. There are about 150 images in this folder so be prepared...
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Twin Falls-0005
Makapipi Falls-0003
Upper Pua'a Ka'a Falls-0004
Lower Pua'a Ka'a Falls-0010
Wailua Falls-0009
Oheo Gulch Falls 1-0004
Oheo Gulch Falls 2-0006
Makahiku Falls-0001
Waimoku Falls-0002
Kulaniapia Falls-0002
Rainbow Falls-0003
Rainbow Falls-0018
Akaka Falls-0009
Hilo Falls-0001

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